A Guide to FADEC Systems

A full authority digital engine control (FADEC) is a system consisting of a digital computer, known as an electronic engine controller (EEC) or engine control unit (ECU), and its related components that control all aspects of an aircraft’s engine performance. FADECs are used in both piston and jet engines. In this blog, we will discuss FADEC’s functions and advantages in detail.

A true FADEC has no form of manual override, meaning the computer has full control of the engine’s operating parameters. As such, a FADEC failure results in an engine failure. If the engine is controlled digitally and electronically but allows for manual override, it is considered an EEC or ECU, not a FADEC. Though an EEC is a component of a FADEC, it is not itself the same thing. When used by itself, an EEC makes all of the decisions until the pilot chooses to intervene.

FADECs work by receiving multiple input variables of the current flight condition, such as air density, throttle lever position, engine temperatures, engine pressures, and many other factors. The inputs are received by the system and analyzed up to 70 times per second. Engine operating parameters, such as fuel flow, stator vane position, air bleed valve position, and others, are computed from this data and applied as appropriate. FADECs also control the starting and restarting of the engine. The basic purpose of the FADEC is to provide optimum engine efficiency for a given flight condition.

In addition to providing efficient engine operation, FADECs also allow manufacturers to program engine limitations and receive engine health and maintenance reports. For example, should the engine exceed a certain operating temperature, the FADEC can be programmed to take the necessary actions to bring the engine back to a controlled temperature. Apart from these, FADECs offer many advantages. Among these are:

  • Safety, as the multi-channel FADEC provides redundancy in the event of failure.
  • Relaxed engine handing with guaranteed thrust settings.
  • Ability to reprogram the FADEC, allowing a single engine type to be used for a wide range of thrust requirements.
  • Allows for semi-automatic engine starting.
  • Can provide engine long-term health monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Many internal and external parameters are used in the control processes, reducing the number of parameters that need to be monitored by the flight crew.
  • The high number of parameters monitored allow the FADEC to serve as a Fault Tolerant System, wherein a system can operate within required reliability and safety limitations with certain fault configurations.
  • Weight saving.

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