Piston rings are of undeniable utilitarian significance in the design of an internal combustion engine of an aircraft. Broadly speaking, a piston ring is a metallic split ring attached to a piston’s outer diameter. Piston rings are designed to combat gas pressure leaks from the combustion chamber of an aircraft while limiting the seepage of oil to a minimum at the same time. Piston rings are made to fit into the piston grooves of an assembly, but spring out to press against the cylinder walls with proper lubrication. In conditions of optimum lubrication, these rings form an effective gas seal. With this information in mind, let us now learn more about the working of piston rings.
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There's a strong tendency to compare aviation to the automotive industry. But, the list of similarities is short. Aircraft and automobiles couldn’t be any more different. For example, if a car engine breaks down in the middle of your commute, you can just pull over and call a tow truck or try to fix it yourself, but you can’t do that when an airplane’s engine fails....

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