When we think of the things we need to fly, we usually think of the engine. Afterall, combustion is what powers the plane. So, it’s easy to fixate on the engine and neglect the alternator. But, without the alternator, we don’t have access to our digital nav/com radios, integrated GPS, multifunction flight displays, and so on.  
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Airplanes need a reliable shock absorption method while landing, particularly on rough or uneven terrain. Aircraft landing gear provides needed structural support to the aircraft during landing, takeoff, or taxiing. Conventional landing gears are of two types: fixed and retractable. While fixed landing gear is low maintenance and easy to use, retractable landing gear bolsters efficiency because it reduces aircraft drag while increasing cruising speeds. Retractable gear systems can be operated electrically, hydraulically, manually, or through a hybrid combination of electric and hydraulic systems. However, managing retractable gear systems requires adherence to a standard set of instructions, which will be explained in this blog.

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The landing gear of an aircraft supports the entire weight of a vehicle during landing and ground operations. The components are primarily attached to the actual structure of the aircraft and has different applications for each part. Wheels are most commonly associated with aircraft landing gear, however, there are many other facets involved. Modern landing gear technology wouldn’t be possible if shock absorbing equipment didn’t exist, making shock absorption a crucial aspect of both landing and takeoff....

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