In the field of aviation, hydraulics and their related systems play a vital role in the functionality of aircraft. In fact, aviation hydraulic systems are responsible for helping planes take off, fly, and land. While there are two different systems that help control these functions, those of which are pneumatic or hydraulic, hydraulic systems are more popular because they are increasingly reliable

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In an effort to meet growing environmental concerns while also bolstering the performance of vehicles, many automakers have set a major focus on how they can engineer engines capable of creating as much power as possible from the least amount of fuel. To achieve this, manufacturers have begun to utilize what are known as superchargers and turbochargers, both of which increase the amount of air that is compressed and mixed with fuel to achieve the same power output of a big engine while maintaining a small, efficient design. For you to better understand their importance and benefits, we will provide a brief overview of superchargers and turbochargers in this blog.

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