The architecture of an aircraft is extremely dynamic, with several components moving in unison to produce stable and comfortable flight. Any devices involved in the aircraft's aerodynamics are labeled as flight control surfaces, and in this category, there are many. Falling under the primary control surface category are elements such as the ailerons, elevators, and rudder. Meanwhile, secondary control surfaces include spoilers, slats, and air brakes. While each of these aerodynamic devices plays a critical role in facilitating flight, this blog will focus on flaps, which serve several objectives and come in a variety of designs.

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One of the greatest innovations that aviation technology has made in modernizing all-weather capabilities is deicing equipment. Aircraft that do not operate in regions that freeze over can still face ice build-up as a potential issue, due to the altitude at which they operate. Ice forming along wings, aircraft propellers, and control surfaces can severely impact an airplane’s handling characteristics and performance, making deicing equipment an integral part of maintaining an aircraft’s safety....

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