Why Do Connectors Fail And What Are Reasons?

In aviation, each piece of machinery has an important role. Parts need to be tough and dependable to put up with the rigors of air travel. However, no matter how well-crafted a piece is, it will eventually deteriorate. Connectors are fundamental to the successful operation of an aircraft. They are found in the airframe, cabin interior, navigation tools, and a variety of other important areas. Here are a few ways connectors fail and measures you can take to prevent it.

The first and most obvious reason why connectors fail is natural wear and tear. The strain put on contacts while they are constantly being connected and disconnected slowly but surely erodes the surface, weakening the connection. Corrosion will also occur over time as connectors are exposed to water, dust, dirt or other damaging particles.

Another factor that can cause connectors to fail is exposure to extreme temperatures, whether high or low. Certain connectors types are made to withstand these temperatures, but inappropriately rated connectors will inevitably fail under the stress of exposure. Failure in these instances is typically the result of the connector’s insulation malfunctioning thus causing electric conductivity to drastically increase. The increases in conductivity will only raise the already heightened temperature, resulting in corrosion. Extreme cold is generally not as detrimental to connectors as extreme heat, but it is still wise to employ designs fit for low-temperature environments whenever possible. Long-term exposure to low temperatures can cause tin-plated connectors to malfunction as well as weakening plastic components of the connector.

Just as connectors not prepared for extreme temperatures are ineffective, connectors not prepared for exposure to moisture will suffer the same fate. For instance, if a standard connector is used in place of an IP68-rated connector, water will present problems. IP68 connectors are sealed and completely waterproof. Using too small a connector can also be detrimental to its function. If a connector is not the appropriate size it will be less efficient, thereby forcing it to work much harder and reducing the part’s lifespan.

The most preventable issue some connectors face is faulty design or installation. Because of the wear and tear that connectors invariably experience, secure installation is key to the tool’s function. Without a strong connection, the mating components and cables can suffer damage. It is important to always buy the proper connector for the task and take care in installing correctly. At ASAP Buying, we have a variety of high-quality connectors as well as many other NSN and military parts. To learn more about our vast inventory, contact us at +1-714-705-4780 or sales@asapbuying.com.


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