Aircraft Propellers: All the Same or Entirely Different?

An aircraft propeller is more complex than an individual would think. Surprisingly, propellers do not exist solely to move aircrafts, they have outside uses. There are several different types of aircraft propellers all varying in design and material. This article will discuss the similarities and differences between all the different propellers the world has to offer.

First, we will review Fixed Pitch Propellers. Fixed Pitch Propellers are made solely from one piece of material; therefore, the blade pitch cannot be changed. Fixed pitch propellers are typically made from either metal or wood. Wooden propellers were mainly used for every single aircraft made before world war two. Although the wooden propellers look as though they are carved from one piece of wood, they are composed of 5 different pieces of wood laminated together. Wooden propellers are not as popular as they once were because the world has shifted towards metal propellers. Metal propellers were created many years ago and were originally used for military application. In the modern world, metal propellers are they primary choice for most aircrafts. Metal propellers are made from a single piece of aluminum alloy and therefore, have the ability and strength to last longer.

Ground Adjustable Propellers are the second class of propellers we will review. This type of propeller is ground adjustable meaning, the blade pitches can be fine-tuned and switched out with ease. This type of propeller can compensate for all different types of weather conditions and is safe for different flight altitudes. These propellers are most common on commercial aircrafts. Other important propellers include: controllable pitch, constant speed, two positions, reversing and full feathering. Each propeller has a different specialty making each choice highly specific.

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