Get to Know 6 Parts of Your Aircraft

Listed below are quick over views of 6 key components of a modern aircraft. The components mentioned in this article will be the wings, empennage, powerplant, landing gear, aircraft frame and fuselage. All of which are extremely important in making sure that the aircraft flies properly.


As most people know, the wings are the key component in keeping any aircraft airborne. They provide a place for lift that propels the plane upwards. Wings can be fashioned to the side of the plane in multiple areas, either high up or a bit lower down on the body. At the base of each wing is a small section that can be controlled by the pilot, called the flaps. These flaps can be moved and positioned in flight, takeoff and landing.


This is the main body of the aircraft where you would sit when flying in a plane.


This section of the plane, as the name would suggest, houses the components of the plane that power it. This is where the engine lives.

Aircraft Frame

The frame, or base, of an airplane can be made of several different things, each with their own perks and benefits. Some frames allow for more pressure to be applied, some are extremely aerodynamic and others offer the builder extra support.


This not only holds the plane steady but also allows the pilot to steer and direct the plane from the cockpit by controlling parts of the empennage such as the rudders.

Landing Gear

This aspect of the plane can differ quite a bit plane to plane. While on one aircraft the landing gear could be referring to wheels, on another the landing gear could be made up of long ski’s to allow the plane to instead land on water.

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