Jet Engines Featured Components and Its Working

Have you ever looked up and noticed those long, white streaks across the blue sky? Those are vapor trails caused by jet engines. Jet engines burn fuel using the air, releasing energy and powering the plane; this is a process called combustion. These engines are sometimes referred to as gas turbines because they bring fuel in through a windmill-like wheel, also known as a turbine, and expel hot gas.

Jet engines are similar to car engines in that they both burn fuel to release energy that powers them. There are three specific things that allow a jet engine to be more powerful than your car’s engine though:

  1. The law of conservation of energy – If a jet engine needs to make more power, it needs to burn more fuel. Jet engines are designed to burn large amounts of fuel by pulling in massive amounts of air (the ratio is about 50 to 1).
  2. Jet engines are always in maximum power mode because the intake, compression, combustion and exhaust all work synchronously.
  3. Jet engines pass the exhaust through multiple turbine stages, extracting the maximum amount of energy (piston engines only use one).

All jet engines work in the same fashion (pulling air in, combusting with fuel, and expelling exhaust) however there are six different types of jet engines based on their featured components:

  1. Turbojet –good for small, low-speed jets
  2. Turboshaft –exhaust gas produces little thrust; found in helicopters, trains, boats and tanks
  3. Turbofan (low-bypass)
  4. Turbofan (high-bypass)
  5. Ramjet/Scramjet –ramjets are suitable for supersonic and hypersonic speeds (used on rocket and missile engines); scramjets can go even faster because they remain supersonic
  6. Turboprop –most of thrust comes from propellers, which are mounted on the front and push the plane upward

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